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The Benefits of OSHA Compliance

With all the possible OSHA violations and potential fines, ensuring OSHA compliance within your company can seem like a daunting - task but it doesn't have to feel that way.

Start with Recordkeeping

Do you have an employee who is responsible for recording all cases of injury or illness? if you don't this is a good place to start on your road to OSHA compliance.

Generally, human resources departments are responsible for OSHA compliance, but sometimes this is the safety manager's responsibility - every company is different. Either way, someone should be responsible for OSHA compliance, as keeping up with new and changing safety regulations can help you avoid accident and complaints.

Benefits of OSHA Compliance

Complying with OSHA standards can reduce your workers' compensation cost by helping you eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and making your company a safer place to work.

Compliance also means you are more likely to avoid inspections from an OSHA to avoid inspections from an OSHA compliance officer. OSHA regulations stat that OSHA can inspect your workplace without notice. But businesses with complains filed against them have a higher chance of inspection, so your chances are greatly diminished if you're complaint free.

In the same vein, OSHA compliance can help you avoid costly fines, since you have inspected your workplace and corrected any violations or unsafe conditions. If your workplace is compliant you are less likely to receive complains, inspections and any subsequent fines.

Tools You Can Use to Be Ready for OSHA

You should always be ready for OSHA inspections, and tools like an online OSHA log can help you be prepared.

Tracking injuries and incident in an online OSHA log keeps all information you need in one place, and can easily be printed to share with employees or any OSHA inspectors who visit.

Plus, by storing all your incident information in an online log, you can easily analyze it to spot trends, benchmark against national data, and isolate potential problem areas based on division, time period or injury tape.


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