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Insurance & Risk Management Services

Whether you are buying or selling, E.B. Cohen's dedicated mergers and acquisitions advisors are there for you throughout the entirety of the process. Our advisors ensure the transaction is concluded efficiently and effectively, while providing insurance due diligence, transactional risk insurance products, and risk management services to private equity and investment firms.

Our value added approach not only provides insight into the quality of the Risk Management program currently in place, but also may allow for opportunities to utilize portfolio company solutions and programs that we have developed for the hospitality industry. These solutions impact organizations in the following ways:

  • Reduce or close gaps in coverage

  • Take advantage of efficiencies to reduce costs

  • Add valuable coverage where none may have existed

  • Utilize technologies to enhance business processes related to Risk Management


In most cases, due diligence service fees are offset or reduced where our programs support portfolio companies.

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 Neil A. Owens, CIC, Esq.

 Senior Vice President

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Derek Sherman, CIC

Vice President

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Noel Walsh, CPCU, CRM, CIC, AAI, CRI

Vice President Key Accounts

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Our Services and Products

Due Dilligence Services

The following services offered support the due diligence process by creating transparency in the assumption of risk:

  1. Risk Identification & Risk Profile Analysis
  2. Total Cost of Risk Analysis and/or Pro Forma Projection Analysis
  3. Gap Analysis
  4. Vulnerability Assessment
  5. Vendor & Document Risk Transfer Assessment
  6. Safety Training Assessment
  7. Contingent or Historical Liabilities Assessment

Risk Management

  • Contractual Risk Management Review
  • Leases
  • AIA Agreements
  • General Contractor Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Location Agreements
  • License Agreements
  • NDA
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Event Agreements
  • Certificate of Insurance Review & Maintenance

Representations and Warranties Insurance

  • Offers additional protection to the buyer beyond the negotiated indemnity cap and survival limitations in a purchase agreement
  • Backstops negotiated indemnity obligations — a key benefit for private equity or venture capital funds at the end of their life cycle.

Tax Indemnity Insurance

Enables taxpayers to reduce or eliminate a contingent tax exposure arising from the tax treatment of a past transaction, investment or other legitimate business activity

Contingent Liability Insurance

Provides coverage within the context of a merger and acquisition or other transaction

  • Litigation Exposures, Environmental exposures, Intellectual Property Infringement Claim, Employment matters & disputes, and Exposures relating to account methods adopted in the past

Merger and Acquisition Timeline


Strategic Planning

Analyze corporate strategy, business model and appetite for risk to identify viability of entering the M& A market

Due Diligence

Review seller exposures, both present and historical, and analyze seller business potential to determine target purchase price


Manage the business combination process to mitigate risk following completed transaction

Complete Transaction

Draft contract to align with due diligence findings


Seller Screening

Research seller's corporate strategy, business model and culture to determine whether it is a good fit



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