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SINCE 1932.

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E.B. Cohen Insurance & Risk Management welcomes you to experience caring, professional & personalized attention for your risk management and insurance needs. Our experienced insurance professionals take the time to carefully assess your exposures and identify your needs. By continuing our tradition as a consultative boutique firm, we establish and maintain relationships with distinguished clients interested in long term success.

Since 1932, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients with a dedication that is unparalleled.

Experience the difference E.B. Cohen can make for you and your organization. Whether it's personal insurance, life insurance, benefits, or commercial property & casualty, our Associates work harder and are more  qualified to service your needs.

E.B. Cohen Insurance & Risk Management is licensed in 48 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Jon Cohen

Jonathan J. Cohen, CLU


On February 14th, after nearly 66 years of full-time employment at E. B. Cohen Insurance Agencies, I took the step to assure the future of the business that I love. I retired and turned the responsibilities of operating the agencies over to two very talented and worthy successors, David and Neil Owens. The agencies will immediately become members of the Hilb Group. I want to address you, our valued clients, and answer any questions you have.

Before doing so, I want to thank both those who have worked alongside me over the years, and equally important our very supportive client base – little could I have imagined way back then, the success we would attain both in size and professional achievements. Our primary goal was not to make money but rather to make a living, so all of those employed by us would have a life of dignity. We would do this by providing our clients with the best imaginable in insurance and risk management services. We would not compete with others but rather compete with ourselves to be the very best that we could be. We never would have grown nor attained the success that we have without each of our staff buying into our culture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the E. B. Cohen family of insurance professionals, each and every one of you who made this possible.

To our clients: I realize that no words can adequately express my appreciation for the relationships that I have made with so many of you. You are truly an exceptional group. You have shown appreciation for our caring attention by not only staying clients for years but honoring us with a constant stream of referrals. These referrals have been the lynch pin of our growth.  It is rewarding to me that we have so many long-term clients. We have served quite a number of you for over 50 years. I want, right here, to thank you all for having faith and confidence in us. We measure our success by our relationship with YOU. Thanks to you, we have been successful in so many ways.

Below, I wanted to answer some of your questions:


Who is the HILB Group? 

- They are a very successful group of insurance agencies, supported by the Carlyle Group. They are continuing to grow at a steady pace, with offices in 22 states and service to all 50 states. They also have a strong, growing presence in the Tri-State area.

Why the HILB Group? 

- There are many reason. Over the years we have been approached by many insurance agencies who wanted us to join them. Until now, we have never found one that we felt shared our approach to our employees and clients. I wanted to be assured that as we continued to grow, our ethics and approach would continue as well.

- Hilb is large enough to enhance our ability to properly react to new technologies, coverages, approaches, and the ever-expanding needs of our clients in this dynamic world. The agencies will have greater resources to provide services to clients, no matter where they may be located.


Who will manage the E.B. Cohen agencies? 

- Both David and Neil will continue in their responsibilities as managers of the agencies. During the last two years of the pandemic, they have in reality been the leaders of the agencies on a daily basis. They have and will continue to manage the employee, client and insurance company relationships. The difference will be that some of the “back office” chores will now be done more efficiently. A very good example of this is the careful task of making sure that the agencies are licensed in all 50 states and that they are properly qualified in each state. The same can be said about numerous forms and regulations that are required by the government. None of this impacts the relationships with our clients, but previously took a lot of management time away from our core mission of providing the best attention to each client.

Why now? 

- That is a great question. I have for a long time been concerned with the perpetuation of the agencies. The last two years have put in focus the needs and abilities of our management. While I have been tucked away a bit in New York City due to COVID, Neil and David have ably stewarded the agencies on a daily basis. The agencies took several important steps during these times mostly without my heavy involvement – the physical move into new office space that is almost double our previous footprint, our staff increased by 20%, and proudly many new clients became part of our family. They successfully integrated a completely new up-to-date software system. It became clear that to continue the extraordinary client experience, our team should not be consumed by administrative duties. Neil and David also demonstrated that they were ready to assume full responsibility for the continued growth of the agencies. At the same time, I realized that life was changing and as we explore emerging technologies and resources, it was time to turn to a new generation epitomized by David and Neil to move us forward.

What will I be doing? 

- Since this is about the agency and its clients and employees, I will not take you through the several paragraphs that are needed to fully answer this question. Let’s just say that I realize that at 86 years old there are still many things that I still want to do with my life – including spending more time with my wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Of course, there will be reading, courses in varied subjects, travel, music and even perhaps back to sports. This is just part of my bucket list. I will be available if needed to give whatever support is requested by David and Neil.

Final thoughts?

- Thank you all for a wonderful, satisfying contribution to my life. I will always be grateful. I will now be able to observe the future success of the agencies which I know will continually make me proud. 

The best to all, 


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