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Tradition of Excellence

Your trusted advisor for insurance & risk management

SINCE 1932.

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In 2022, EB Cohen Insurance and Risk Management became part of Hilb Group, a top 25 middle-market independent insurance broker, offering expertise in property and casualty, employee benefits, and retirement services to businesses and individuals nationwide.


As we stand at the cusp of a new era integrating into Hilb Group, we are poised to navigate the unfolding landscape with grace and expertise. Whether your needs are for personal insurance, life insurance, employee benefits, or commercial property & casualty, we continue our tradition of excellence. Transcending the traditional client-service provider dynamic, we craft relationships built on a mutual understanding and a shared goal of securing a better, safer future.

Founded in 1932, E.B. Cohen Insurance and Risk Management established a tradition of excellence that has endured for nearly a century. From our inception, we redefined the landscape of insurance services, offering a blend of professional acumen and personalized care.


Under the leadership of Jonathan J. Cohen for over 60 years, E.B. Cohen was propelled to the forefront of the insurance world by focusing on risk management services, creating a benchmark for how services should be rendered, and relationships nurtured.

The agency saw a seamless shift in leadership starting in 2020 as the world reacted to the global pandemic. Neil and David Owens began to manage day-to-day operations. They adeptly navigated an industry reshaped by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and shifting consumer expectations by embracing innovation and new methodologies to enhance its service offerings.



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