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Click the blue link to learn about flood exclusions in your homeowners policy.
As you have seen in the news, personal information has been stolen by hackers through breaches at corporations, medical facilities, banks, etc. We are pleased to advise that Personal Cyber Protection Coverage is now available. We would like to provide you with a cost.
Have you recently done or plan on doing any renovations to your home? If you plan to do so in the future, please remember to contact us.
Do you employ any part or full-time domestic workers? (i.e. gardners, housekeepers, babysitters, etc.)
Northern New Jersey straddles the Ramapo Fault Line, the longest fault in the northeast, which begins in Pennsylvania and continues into New Jersey and New York. Homeowners and renters insurance does not cover earthquake damage. In the event that a quake damages your home, an earthquake endorsement will help protect you. We would like to provide you with a cost.
Do you have any of the following protective devices (check all that apply)? Please forward a copy of your alarm certificate listing all the features of the system so we can make sure you are receiving all the credits you qualify for.
Have you changed ownership on the deed to an LLC or Trust?
Homeowner's policies contain an exclusion for surface and ground water, including floodThere is NO coverage for damage resulting from a flood in your homeowners policy. Flood insurance is available in a separate policy. We would like to provide you with a cost.
We do not insure your home/renters. Packaging can provide credits. We would like to provide you with a cost.
Because we live in a litigious society, we recommend a Personal Excess Liability policy be arranged to help protect your assets and future earnings. We would like to provide you with a cost.
Have you purchased any additional properties such as a secondary home or investment property?
Do you own any recreational vehicles? (i.e. watercrafts, motorcycles, trailers, ATVs)
Personal Excess Liability (Umbrella)
Check all that apply:
We do not insure your auto. Packaging can provide credits. We would like to provide you with a cost.
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E.B. Cohen is a full service agency and is licensed in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. In addition to Personal Insurance, we also provide coverage for Business, Life, and Health Insurance. Coverage is available internationally. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

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