Claim FAQs

When filing a claim, you are going to have questions.


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Have a question about filing a claim? Below are a few answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Claims FAQs


What do I do if I am involved in an accident?

Exhange information, do not admit fault, communicate with the police. Take pictures of the accident scene, if possible. Note damages to other vehicles. Contact E.B. Cohen to report the claim.

How many estimates should I get?

1 or 2 estimates.

How much time do I have to file my claim?

File the claim immediately. You do not have to wait for the police report. Report the date of the loss, the location of the incident, which vehicle it was, and if there were any injuries.

If I am not at fault, does my deductible still apply?

If you are 100% not at fault: You can submit with your own insurance and receive the deductible back later, you are wokring on your own time frame. Or you can submit a Courtesy Filing with the other vehicle's carrier. There is no deductible required, but you are not working on your own time frame.


What do I do if my home is damaged?

Mitigate the damage and contact E.B. Cohen for the next steps.

What should I do if someone is injured on my property?

Take down the injured's personal information. Take pictures of the incident. Do not admit guilt. You should then contact EB Cohen to discuss your coverage and next steps.

Does my homeowner's deductible apply on every claim?

Each situation has their own deductible rules. Contact EB Cohen to better understand your policy and coverage.


What is the difference between a deductible, a copayment, and coinsurance?

A deductible is the dollar amount that you must pay out of pocket before the insurance company covers the remaining expenses. A copayment is a fixed amount that you must pay each time you use your insurance plan. Copayments normally apply on a per visit basis. Coinsurance is usually a percentage that represents the cost you will need to pay and the insurance plan will pay towards your eligible medical expenses.

Workers' Compensation

If an employee is receiving workers' compensation benefits and returns to work, does the employee still receive the benefits?

An employee will still receive medical benefits, when they return to work.

Can I still receive workers' compensation benefits if I caused the accident?


Who is responsible for submitting a workplace injury report via the portal?

The manager.

What happens after I submit a workplace injury report?

The claim will be processed by E.B. Cohen.

If I injure myself at work, can I submit my own workplace injury report?

No, document becomes admissible due to bias.

If off-site medical treatment is not sought, do I still need to submit a workplace injury report?

Yes, use your discretion- lacerations, strains/sprains, contusions, burns.

Does the injured employee need to sign anything after a manager has submitted a workplace injury report?

No, the manager will file the report.

Do I need to file a workplace injury report for pre-exisitng conditions which manifests at work?

Yes, we want to be made aware to determine compensability.

Should a Manager request a doctor’s note from an employee who has been out of work due to a workplace injury?

Yes. All employee's should have a doctor's release before they can return to work.

Does the employee get compensated for the remainder of their shift if they have to go home early due to an injury?

It varies depending on the client, contact E.B. Cohen to discuss further.

Does the employee get compensated if they are unable to work their next shft due to their injury?

NY minimum of 7 days, must take PTO to be compensated. NJ minimum of 7 dayss, must take PTO to be compensated.

If an employee is out of work for a significant amount of time, how much money can they collect?

Varies on the state's statute of limitations. Please contact E.B. Cohen to discuss the situation.

What is the adjusters role in the claim?

The adjuster will evaluate the claim and contact the manager and injured employee. If the adjuster has not contacted you, please let E.B. Cohen know.

General Liability

What is a deductible? How does it apply to my claim?

The insurance deductible is the amount of money you will pay in an insurance claim before the insurance coverage starts paying you.

How do I know if my claim is going to be covered?

Review your policy and contact your E.B. Cohen Insurance & Risk Management agent to help you understand your coverage.

I don't have all the info about my loss yet, should I wait to file a claim?

No, submit as much information as you have. If you have the date of loss and where the incident occured, you can file the claim and update the remaining information later.

Will my premium increase if I file a claim?

It depends on the terms of your policy, how many claims you have filed in the past, & state insurance regulations.

Who is responsible for filing an Incident Report to EB Cohen?

The insured.

What information should I collect for the Incident Report?

Who/What/When/Where/Why (State the facts)

What happens after I submit an Incident Report to EB Cohen?

EB Cohen will review and advise the next steps.

Does the guest need to sign anything after a Manager has submitted an Incident Report?

No. Do not share with guest and do not complete the report with the guest.

What do I do when a guest/customer contacts the business to talk about their injury, medical bills, or compensation after an incident has occurred?

Understand and note what they are asking and explaining; defer to General Manager or EB Cohen to be put in contact with adjuster.

What do I do when a guest alleges an injury over a foreign object in food?

To prevent the incident from occuring again in the future: Ask the guest for the object, take a picture of the object, place the object next to a coin or a pen so that it can be measured to scale.

What is the statute of limitations for personal injury in the state of incident?

Depends on the state. New York is 3 years. New Jersey is 2 years.

What is the adjusters role in the claim?

Once you submit the Incident Report to E.B. Cohen, we will submit it to the insurance company, and the adjsuter will then contact you. Be transparent with the adjsuter so that they can evaluate accordingly.

Should I file a property or auto claim?

You are not required to file a claim, but you may want to consider the following: -Was anyone injured? -Was there to damage to another person's property or vehicle? -Is it unsafe to continue living in your home? If your answer was yes to any of the above, you should consider filing a claim.