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Restaurant Insurance

Let our Hospitality Practice Group work with you to deliver an unparalleled 


Your Restaurant Insurance Brokers

E.B. Cohen has been providing premier commercial restaurant insurance and risk management services to the Tri-State Area for over 80 years. Our team of professionals provides delightful expertise and thought leadership for the industry. Our customized approach to hospitality insurance provides the type of caring professionalism that your organization deserves.

When combining industry- leading expertise with caring professionalism, a recipe for success is the result. While we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client's needs, our value-added approach methodically brings our clients through a consultative process. 


Our process includes Risk Identification, Exposure Analysis, Program Design for Coverage and Risk Management Services, Implementing the Plan and People, Execution, and Review. As your organization transitions through the business life cycle, our pro-active consultative process continually refreshes the hospitality insurance solutions to provide you with comprehensive coverage.


 Neil A. Owens, CIC, Esq.

 Managing Director

 P: 973.403.9500                                 E:

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Hospitality Insurance Workshops

"How-To" Guide for Implementing a Culture of Safety

Developing a culture of safety and risk management for your restaurant is the single most important factor in:

  1. Reducing the incidence of Workplace Injuries

  2. Reducing Workers’ Compensation claims

  3. Eliminating hazards that pose dangerous risks

  4. Developing a best practices team of employees

  5. Reducing costs related to Workers’ Compensation over a long period of time

Contact one of our experienced Associates today!

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Employee Injury & Guest Incident Report Training

The Administration and Management of Guest Incidents and Employee Injuries is imperative to the centralization and real-time notification of an injury. Our commercial restaurant insurance programs include:


  1. Administration of Claims

    1. Claims Portal Maintenance

    2. Administration of All Injuries

    3. Guidance of Reportable, Non-Reportable, and First Aid Option Injuries

    4. Billing Administration Assistance

  2. Management of All Injuries and Claims

    1. Accident Investigation Assistance

    2. Identifying Trends

    3. Facilitate and Expedite Claims to Ensure Efficient Closure

  3. Loss Analysis Reporting and Compliance

Contact one of our experienced Claims Specialists today!

Contractual Risk Transfer Workshop
Contract Review

What insurance does my restaurant need? The insurance ecosystem can be difficult to navigate alone, we deliver the solutions you need, so you can stay focused on your guests. 

Advisory Services

  1. Contractual Risk Management Review

    1. Lease

    2. General Contractor Agreements

    3. Vendor Agreements

    4. Event Agreements

  2. Certificate of Insurance Review & Maintenance


Compliance & Safety Services


  1. ​Inspections

  2. On-Site Training

  3. Regular communication- Building a Culture of Safety

  4. Targeted/Customized Safety Bulletins

    1. Default: Monthly Bulletin

    2. Manager Support Documents

    3. Staff Safety Documents- (available in Spanish)

    4. Technical “Tool Box Talk” Support Materials

  5. OSHA & Compliance

                          Contact one of our experienced Risk Managers today!

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Liquor Safety Training

Restaurants and bars are great places for people to socialize and have a good time. Unfortunately, that good time sometimes gets out of hand. Servers must be able to deal with these problem behaviors and the challenges associated with underage drinking and drunk driving. 

TIPS® training empowers your employees to take a proactive approach toward preventing alcohol misuse and maintaining control of the environment. By training your staff to recognize the signs of intoxication, you can reduce the chance that an alcohol-related incident will occur. 

  • TIPS® training your establishment can earn you discounts on liquor liability insurance from over 70 insurance companies nationwide.

  • TIPS® training provides establishments with a reasonable effort defense if an alcohol-related incident occurs.

Contact one of our Certified TIPS®  Trainers today!

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