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Our team of professionals provides delightful expertise and thought leadership for the industry. Our customized approach provides the type of caring professionalism that your organization deserves. When combining industry- leading expertise with caring professionalism, a recipe for success is the result. While we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client's needs, our value-added approach methodically brings our clients through a consultative process. The process includes Risk Identification, Exposure Analysis, Program Design for Coverage and Risk Management Services, Implementing the Plan and People, Execution, and Review. As an organization transitions through the business life cycle, our pro-active consultative process continually refreshes the solutions being delivered. 

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 Neil A. Owens, CIC, Esq.

 Senior Vice President

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"How-to" Guide for Implementing a Culture of Safety

Developing a culture of safety and risk management is the single most important factor in:

  1. Reducing the incidence of Workplace Injuries

  2. Reducing Workers’ Compensation claims

  3. Eliminating hazards that pose dangerous risks

  4. Developing a best practices team of employees

  5. Reducing costs related to Workers’ Compensation over a long period of time

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