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Special Enrollment Period on NY Individual Exchange

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We are committed helping people during this very difficult time. As new news and information is released, we want to share and allow you the best opportunity to be informed so you can help yourself and your employees. For more updates, visit the Coronavirus tab on our blog.

As a response to the Coronavirus, the NY Marketplace for individual health insurance has allowed for special enrollment to uninsured New Yorkers. Please visit

Any resident who wants health insurance coverage can sign up if they do so by April 15.

The public exchange system was created as a part of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”). The law eliminated an insurance company’s ability to discriminate by charging people higher rates due to illness or to limit benefits.

If you, or your employees are residents on the state of New York, and especially if you or they do not have health insurance today, we encourage you to click on the link and visit the Exchange site. As the result of business closures, layoffs and the uncertain return to work, it is possible that many people will be eligible for subsidies. A subsidy is available based on specific income requirements.

Please pay special attention that IF you do begin to have coverage and do have a subsidy, you should pay special attention when you go back to work and/or regain your regular income. Once your employer (of 50 or more employees) is able offer you coverage, you are not able to maintain a subsidy from the exchange.

You must enroll thru the exchange in order to apply for subsidized coverage. You can contact the NY State of Health Exchange at 1-855-355-5777.

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