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How to Keep Your Restaurant Employees and Patrons Safe

Preventing slips and trips in restaurants

Restaurant floors are used heavily and with a variety of foods and cleaning products. As a result, they can pose slip, trip and fall hazards for both employees and patrons. While these hazards are significant, many can be prevented by adhering to these safety tips.

In the Kitchen

Here are some basic tips to prevent falls in the kitchen:

  • Wear non-slip, waterproof footgear. Also, be sure to lace your shoes tightly and never wear open-toed shoes or leather-soled shoes.

  • If you spill while preparing food, clean it up immediately. Use cones or signs to warn fellow employees until spills are dry.

  • Remove clutter from kitchen workstations to avoid obstructing walkways.

  • Place all utensils, ingredients and other supplies back in their proper location after you’re done using them.

  • Never run in the kitchen.

  • Avoid storing cooking oil on the floor. It may spill, or someone may fall onto it.

  • Stand on non-slip floor mats in areas that are typically slippery, such as near sinks. Areas around these non-slip mats may be slippery as well.

  • Notify your supervisor if you notice any uneven floor surfaces or drain covers that have come loose.

In the Dining Room

Follow these safety practices to protect your co-workers and customers from injuries:

  • Remove clutter from walkways on the floor.

  • Straighten out rugs and mats, and make sure they are always in place.

  • Clean up any spills immediately, and place signs and cones to warn both patrons and other employees of the hazard.

  • Place mats so that patrons do not slip while the floors are still wet.

  • Never carry more than you can handle. You should be able to see over what you are carrying in order to properly navigate to your destination.

  • Make several trips for large loads.

  • Watch where you are walking while carrying loads of dishes back into the kitchen.

To learn more about what you can do to protect your employees and customers from injuries in your restaurant, contact the Risk Management team at E.B Cohen at 973-403-9500.


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