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PFL vs. DBL Made Simple

New York’s Paid Family Leave (PFL) is a rider to statutory short-term disability insurance (Disability Benefits Law, or DBL for short), but there are important differences between the two types of leave: Both provide a form of paid time off, but for different reasons (called qualifying events) and with different benefits. In a nutshell, PFL allows you to take leave to provide care for family members, including bonding with an adopted, fostered, or newly born child, caring for a seriously ill family member, or to handle exigencies related to a family member’s active military service. DBL provides benefits related to care for yourself, due to an off-the-job injury/illness, or for pregnancy-related care, such as recovery after birth or complications during pregnancy.

This infographic from ShelterPoint illustrates the core similarities and differences between DBL and PFL, ranging from benefit amount and duration, to eligibility (for part-time vs. full-time employees) and qualification period; and from claims process and turn-around time to rates/premium and maximum employee contribution.

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