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5 Tips for a Safe Super Bowl Party

This weekend, millions of individuals all over the country will gather together to celebrate the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and 49ers. Although many people will watch the game at local bars, there will also be Super Bowl parties hosted at homes in each and every state. As exciting as it is to witness one of the biggest sporting events of the year, it’s extremely important to keep your guests safe at your Super Bowl party. To host a fun and safe party, check out the below tips and tricks.

Offer a handful of snacks and appetizers

Offer guests plenty of snacks and appetizers, including those high in protein.

If guests are planning on drinking, have Uber, Lyft, or a local cab number handy

To keep your guests and other drivers on the road safe, setting up intoxicated guests with a ride service will ensure that they get home safely.

Intervene if necessary

If any guest seems too intoxicated, politely stop serving them.

Supply your guests with plenty of non-alcoholic drinks

Not everyone drinks alcohol, so having soda, coffee, juices, and water available will give everyone the most options. Having water available will also help anyone who has been drinking.

Stop serving alcohol by the beginning of the third quarter

By the end of the third quarter take away any alcoholic drinks and replace them with coffee, teas, and desserts; anyone who is planning on driving home won’t be placing themselves behind the wheel immediately after having a drink.

Remember, if you are planning on serving alcohol at your Super Bowl party this weekend, take the proper steps to limit your liquor liability and make sure you have the correct insurance ahead of time. For more information, contact the Insurance Professionals at E.B. Cohen at (973)-403-9500.


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