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5 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

Updated: May 15, 2020

May is mental health awareness month, and ensuring the well-being of your employees is more important now than ever before. What can you to to promote mental health in your workplace? Check out these five useful tips below:

Promote Mental Health Awareness in the Office

When you openly talk about mental health, employees are more likely to feel comfortable about the concept, and reach out to managers or co-workers if they’re struggling.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Work-life balance, or a lack thereof, can affect an employee’s mental health. To help employees better balance their work and personal lives, employers across the country are embracing workplace flexibility.

Address Workplace Stress

Nearly 80% of Americans consider their jobs stressful. Common job stressors include a heavy workload, intense pressure to perform at high levels, job insecurity, long work hours, excessive travel, office politics and conflicts with co-workers. While it may not be possible to eliminate job stress altogether for your employees, you can help them learn how to manage it effectively.

Evaluate Benefits Offerings

Reviewing the offerings that your organization provides to ensure coverage for mental health services is essential to creating a culture that supports employee mental health.

Train Managers

To ensure that no stigma surrounding mental health exists at your organization, it’s important that you properly train management in recognizing the signs of mental illness, excessive workplace stress, workplace bullying and fatigue.

The ongoing public health crisis can has taken a toll on many employees mental and emotional state, which can negatively impact performance. Ensuring the wellness of your employees is beneficial for all. Contact the professionals at E.B. Cohen for more information.


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