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At E.B. Cohen, education is one of our core values. We are committed to creating an environment of daily learning and professional development for our employees and the community. In formalizing our process, we have founded EBCU, E. B. Cohen University.

At EBCU, we are continuously identifying and researching educational programs that further develop our performance and expertise to make our team even more resourceful and effective to each other and those we serve.

Through a Calendar of Events, we engage the community by curating educational and social events. These events bring people together to collaborate, connect with each other and share in the learning.

Insurance Institution Course Offerings & Desiginations

EBCU educational courses are offered through insurance institutions such as  The National Alliance, PIA, The Institutes and others. In customizing your professional development and goals, one can achieve designations from these various organizations.

Insurance Company Training Programs

EBCU utilizes training platforms from various insurance companies that focus on power and technical skills. The courses include focused learning on coverages, risk management, customer service and more.

Power Skills

EBCU partners with organizations such as Dale Carnegie to further develop human relation skills. Programming includes leadership training for managers, business development, high impaction presentation and others.

E.B. Cohen Educational Workshops

EBCU conducts educational events consisting of workshops, panel discussions and webinars such as workplace safety, health insurance, trending topics and others.

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